Cumberland - Vintage Urban Vibe

A Crown Jewel on the Upper PotomaC

Vintage Victorian Vibe

Named for a French and Indian War fort that was home to Virginia Militia Colonel George Washington, Cumberland was chartered around the confluence of Wills Creek and the North Branch of the Potomac in 1787 and grew quickly into the Queen City of the Alleghenies.

Today, the city enjoys remarkable architecture and quaint neighborhoods built during its early 20th century heyday as a transportation hub. Cumberland is now being rediscovered as a unique vintage urban setting surrounded by the natural beauty of Maryland’s pristine mountains.

Pedestrian Lifestyle

Cumberland’s central district is looks like a 1940s movie set, but is populated with a modern mix of trail cyclists, artisans, and local pubs, mixed with over 4,000 downtown white collar corporate, financial sector and government workers. With an average commute of only 13 minutes and over 100,000 annual visitors to the GAP Trail and the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad, Allegany County’s largest city is poised to play a major role in a Mid Atlantic economy searching for more pleasing lifestyles and lower living costs.

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