Election Office

Mission Statement

To comply with the statutory obligations in the administration of elections and voter registration and to conduct elections in Allegany County that will protect the fundamental rights of citizens in a Democracy.

In support of this mission, we are committed to:

  • Serving as an agent for the federal and state government to fulfill mandated programs
  • Providing easy access for voter registration
  • Conducting fair and honest elections
  • Encouraging citizen awareness of, and participation in, the election process
  • Utilizing community resources as a vehicle for publicity and voter education

Please Contact Us With Questions

Contact the Office at 301-777-5931 for information on the following:

  • Casting Your Vote - Polling places hours, locations, sample ballots and how to vote by absentee ballot
  • Changing of Address and Party Affiliation
  • Precinct Maps
  • Registering to Vote - Requirements to register, deadlines
  • Voter Registration Applications
  • Voter Registration Statistics
  1. Election Board Members Sworn In

    From left: Tim Donaldson, John Fetchero, Debbie Johnson, JoAnn Spiker, John Stakem, and Dawne Lindsey
  2. Polling Place Location Update

    At its June 5, 2019 meeting, the Allegany County Board of Elections discussed a possible change in the polling location of District 006-001 and District 014-000. It was determined to wait until after the 2020 elections before making any changes. Read on...
  3. Polling Place Decision

    At its May 1, 2019 meeting, the Allegany County Board of Elections unanimously voted to change the polling place of District 006-005 which is currently Bishop Walsh School to Allegany High School, 900 Seton Drive, Cumberland. Read on...
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