Visiting Courthouse? Notice of Search

Notice of Search

If you have business within the Circuit Courthouse, please be advised that you will be required to allow security personnel to search all personal belongings and that you will have to pass through the magnetometer and x-ray machine as you enter the building. You should also avoid bringing any of the following items into the courthouse as they are considered contraband, and will be subject to seizure by the security staff: Firearms, knives, pagers, cellular telephones, personal defense chemical sprays (mace), scissors, cameras, tape recorders, chained wallets, nail files, laser pointers, and any item or substance which is classified under Maryland Law as illegal.

All persons entering the Courthouse and Courthouse Annex with the exceptions of Judges of the State of Maryland, On Duty Uniformed Police and On Duty Plain Clothed Police with Badge and I.D.Card will be required to pass thru the Security Stations at the entrance of both buildings. All persons entering and their items will be searched or access to the Courthouse and Courthouse Annex will not be granted. Deliveries of court supplies, U.S. Mail and other delivery companies such as but not limited to UPS and FedEx are subject to the same security screening and search policies.

Handicapped individuals may use the rear entrance to the Courthouse however they must be accompanied by a Security Officer or Deputy Sheriff once in the building to the Security Station to be screened before being granted access to the other areas of the Courthouse. If you have a medical alert card concerning the use of these devices please bring it with you and present it to the Security Officers upon your visit to the Courthouse and Courthouse Annex.