Water & Sewer Reports


Allegany County Government itself does not own any source of water. The County purchases all potable water from regional suppliers: the Cities of Cumberland and Frostburg and the Town of Westernport in Allegany County, and the City of Keyser in West Virginia. This water is subsequently distributed and sold to individual customers by the County.

Bedford Road Water Environment Report

The City of Cumberland water supply (PDF) is used for the Barton Business Park Industrial Area, Bowman's Addition, Bowling Green, Corriganville, Creek Road, Cresaptown, Ellerslie, Meders Lane, Mexico Farms, Oldtown Road, Rawlings and Shades Lane. Known as the Allegany Eastern Region Water District.

The City of Frostburg water supply (PDF) is used for Borden, Carlos, Consol, Eckhart, Grahamtown, Hoffman, Klondike, Morantown, Mount Savage, Route 36, Shaft, Vale Summit, Woodland, and Zihlman. Known as the Allegany Western Region Water District.

The Town of Westernport water supply (PDF) is used for Grande View Apartments and Moran Manor. Known as the Brophytown Region Water District.

The City of Keyser water supply (PDF) is used for McCoole. Water Quality Report. Known as the Allegany Southern Region Water District.

Sewer Overflow

Sewer Overflow Report (PDF)