Public Information Requests

According to the Maryland Attorney General’s website:

“The public’s right to information about government activities lies at the heart of a democratic government. Maryland’s Public Information Act grants the people of this State a broad right of access to public records while protecting the legitimate governmental interest and the privacy rights of individual citizens.”

“The Public Information Act grants you the right to review the available records that are disclosable and to obtain copies of those records. It does not require an agency to answer informational questions or to create a record to satisfy your request.” (Maryland Public Information Act Manual, 16th Edition, September 2021, Appendix I-1)

For further information, visit: The Maryland Public Information Act Manual

Submit Your Request

Public Information Requests are accepted from commercial entities for use by the organization and from individuals for their personal use:

Your completed Public Information Request Application should be mailed, e-mailed, faxed, sent via a delivery service, or delivered in-person to:

Allegany County Government

Attention: Cynthia Young, Legal Secretary, County Attorney’s Office 

701 Kelly Road

Cumberland, MD  21502

Telephone: 301-777-5823


Fax: 301-724-6970

Public Information Fees

The first two hours are provided free of charge. Thereafter, the charge may be the actual hourly rates of the people involved in the response.

Additional fees will apply – photocopying, delivery, etc.

Rules and Regulations of Allegany County, Maryland, Article 14.4 Section 14.407.

Checks should be made payable to the Allegany County Commissioners.