Adult Public Guardianship Review Board


Eleven members appointed to three-year terms by County Commissioners (with the advice of the Department of Social Services) with specific prerequisites.* Created under § 14-402 of the Family Law Article, Annotated Code of Maryland.

*One shall be a professional representative of a local department; two shall be physicians, including one psychiatrist from a local health department that employs physicians; one shall be a representative of the local commission on aging; one shall be a professional representative of a local nonprofit social service organization; one shall be a lawyer; one shall be a public health nurse; one shall be a professional in the field of disabilities; one shall be a person with a physical disability; two shall be lay individuals.

Board Members

  • Vacant, Nurse Practitioner
  • Lee Ann Eversole, Commission on Aging
  • Jeanine Agosti, Professional Representative
  • Dr. Herb Chissell, Psychiatrist
  • James Walsh, Attorney
  • Connie Davis, Professional in Disabilities
  • Carolyn Clauson-Andrews, Lay Individual
  • Judy Dodge, Lay Individual
  • Renee Kniseley, Non-Profit
  • Lisa Monahan, Registered Nurse
  • Vacant, Physically Disabled

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