Tri-County Council for Western Maryland


Members of the Council specifically described in the by-laws.  Members from Allegany County Government include: two County Commissioners, the Director of Economic Development, and two members of the general public who serve at the pleasure of the Commissioners. Council authorized by §13 of the Economic Development Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland for the purpose of promoting economic growth and cooperation between Garrett, Allegany and Washington Counties.


  • David J. Caporale, County Commissioner
  • William R. Atkinson, County Commissioner Alternate
  • Jeffrey Barclay, Economic Development
  • Robert Smith, Community At Large
  • Stephen D. Nelson, Community At Large
  • John Will, Revolving Loan Committee Member
  • Sue Simpson, Revolving Loan Committee Member  
  • Al Delia, Revolving Loan Committee Member 
  • Eugene T. Frazier, City of Cumberland Rep

Contact the Council

  • Leanne D. Mazer
    Phone: 301-689-1300